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General Information

Computer Architecture and Communications Lab is a lab of Department of Informatics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The faculty's research activities are mainly related to data processing and transmission systems'. The specific research areas are presented below:

  • Computer Hardware - Digital Systems. (Design of Digital Systems and VLSI from behaviour to circuit level, Testing, Hardware Description Lnaguages, Development of CAD tools).
  • Advanced Computer Architectures. (Advanced CPUs - ╠ultithreading and multicore processor architectures, Parallel Architectures).
  • Distributed Systems - Grid Computing, Cloud Computing - Scheduling, load balancing, performance, quality of service.
  • Conventional and Advanced Systems' Communication Technologies (Digital Communications, Data Networks, Digital Networks for Unified Services, Broadband Networks).
  • Computer Systems Modeling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation.

Research in the area of Digital Systems has led, until now, in the development of CAD tools for the Design and Testing of VLSI.



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